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Gracie and Papa

The Von Tress family has a passion for rescuing horses. They decided to use their little shop as a way to help bring in income to feed and care for the animals.
They go scouting in the mountains and forests to gather unique semi precious stones and pieces of wood to create one of a kind art.


Papa and Gracie are scouting for pretty rocks. She has found a beauty here!

Some are crushed and used as fill on paintings and art like the horses below.

Crushed Stones

Some of the stones are used as they are to decorate or accent art.

The Bear Lamp stump

This Lamp was created from a vision. When Charity saw this stump she told Larry that it would be come a lamp with bears and a waterfall. They cut and dug this stump to complete the vision.
This piece took three months from start to finish, but it turned out beautiful.

Bear Lamp

Meet Hoss!


Hoss was our first rescue. He was a race horse who wasn't winning anymore, his owner decided he wasn't worth anything to him so Hoss was on his way to be slaughtered in Mexico. Charity fell in love with him at first sight. She never gave up on him, After some training and TLC, he is now a wonderful riding horse!


Meet Lucky! He has won Larry's heart!

Our Shop helps us to care for and adopt unwanted equine. Some of these rescues were on death row.

Larry getting hay

One huge expense is hay. We could always use more because these beauties can really eat!


Bath Time





This is Goldie. He feels that he is the the supervisor here. He likes to put his two cents in everywhere.


The beautiful resues are bringing much pleasure to so many people. They have put smiles on faces of young and old. Some of the rescues are trained and then rehomed

Family fun

Gracie and her pony Honey.
Honey was rescued by a dear friend in California and was given to Gracie for her own!

Gracie and Legend

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